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This is the eight-point Executive Agenda of Gov. Dale B. Corvera.

AGUSAN UP stands for:



A gricultural and Processing Productivity Optimization

G enuine Concern for the Welfare of the Poor and Marginalized, Youth and Children, Elderly and the Indigenous Peoples

U tilizing, Capitalizing on Government Assets to Raise Revenues

S ustaining the Gains of the Previous Adminsitration and Strengthening Cooperation with the National Government Agencies

A dvance the Cause of Peace and the Rule of Law and Order

N atural Greening of the Environment and Resiliency to Disasters

U nity of Vision, Complementarity of Mission and Close COordination in the Implementation of Programs and Projects among all Government Functionaries in the Province

P eople's Participation



Plant and/or Process for Prosperity - The Poverty Alleviation Program of Gov. Dale B. Corvera. Battle Cry: PLANT! PLANT! PLANT! PROCESS! PROCESS! PROCESS!

Agenda Covered: Agricultural and Processing Productivity Optimization

Concept: This flagship program is designed to institutionalize an economic set-up geared for high productivity, inclusiveness and sustainability. The approach is to pro-actively develop industry clusters of leading agri-forest products by organizing and developing the network of industry players in each of the 10 intially identified clusters for processing - Abaca, Banana, Rubber, Aquamarine, Cofee, Bamboo, Coconut, Mango, Cassava, Wood (planted species) - by directly providing or facilitating agripreneurial and entrepreneurial training, product development, market development, investment fund facilitation as wel as provision of infrastructure, technology and facilities. 

The track in AGUS 3Ps is to see through the development of industry sectors and the products in each stage of the value chain, that is from farming to trading, to processing in an inclusive manner. This would also include helping see through the full development of the Nasipit, Agusan del Norte Economic Zone and other special economic zones as forward links of the agri-forest products.

Aggressive tourism development campaign would also be carried out under AGUS 3Ps.


  1. Assist in organizational development of players in eight to 10 industry clusters
    • Industry cluster organizing
    • Industry cluster organizational development work
  2. Facilitate access to technology, training and other institutional technical assistance for farming and processing
    • Crops farming trainings
    • Livestock raising trainings
    • Crops processing trainings
    • Technology application trainings
    • Operational and Financial management trainings
    • Farms and processing plant management trainings
    • Technical assistance preparing business plans and feasibility studies
    • Support to establishment/operating of demonstration farm and product processing
  3. Facilitate access to market
    • For industry cluster crops
      • Market information sharing
      • Assistance in organizing and attendance to trade fairs
      • Technical assistance in product packaging, labeling and
      • preparation of promotional materials
    • For food crops intended for local market
      • Free hauling of produce to market centers on market days
      • Putting up Agus Market (Bagsakan or Palengke Agusan, preferably in a vacant lot within provincial capitol)
  4. Facilitate access to funding or arrangements for investments
    • Assistance in preparing Funding Proposal Briefs
    • Organize funding information caravans
    • Conduct investment forum
    • Conduct investment matching
    • Industry cluster level or open guarantee fund formation
  5. Provide grants for start-up seeds or stocks for qualified industry cluster players
    • Seed grants for start-up industry cluster crops (separate from food crops)
    • Trios of free range chicken for targeted farmers
    • 10 sow grant for municipal level community-managed dispersal program
    • Goat dispersal
    • Cow dispersal
  6. Support the putting in place of processing facilities
    • Support the full development of the Nasipit, Agusan del Norte INdustrial Estate or NANIE (with at least 8 hectares reserved for processing links of industry clusters being developed under this program)
    • Support in the development of other processing sites
    • Support acquisition of shared service facilities for clusters
  7. Ensure adequacy of roads and availability of power, water and communication in farms and processing plants
    • Provide or facilitate the provision of roads, bridges and utilities in farms and processing activity centers by the national government or international partners
    • Work out with power, water and communication service providers for making their connections or services cover farms and developed processing sites
  8. Ensure insurance coverage for all crops
    • Workout with insurance providers a system for the coverage of farms developed under the industry cluster set-up

The Social Services Program of Gov. Dale B. Corvera. Battle Cry: MAHIGUGMAONG PAG-AMOMA ALANG SA TANAN

Agenda Covered: Genuine Concern for the Poor and Marginalized, Elderly and the Indigenous Peoples


The context is that there are currently around 25,000 households who are poor in Agusan del Norte. That is more or less 125,000 individual who need support from the provincial government. Based on records, only around 30,000 - 40,000 individual are reached by our social services.


  1. Bundled Medical and Social Services for senior citizens, PWD, IPs and households under 4Ps to be given preferential access to the following services at provincial and district hospitals:
    • Referral services (including trasnport support) to regional public hospitals in Davao or Cagayan de Oro
    • Support to Basic Education (educational materials for Kids in far flung barangays.)
  2. School year start support for educational materials for children with poorest of the poor parents (4Ps)
  3. Integrated Social Development Assistance Program (ISDAP)
  4. Availing of affordable basic commodities in times of sudden change of prices
  5. Lot acquisition and construction materials support to help the municipalities address housing backlogs for informal settlers in the province
  6. Grassroots Sports Development Program
  7. Support to culture and arts development
  8. Incentives to "Talentadong Agusanons" (winners in sports and talent competitions)

AGENDA COVERED: Natural Greening of the Environment and Resiliency to Disasters

CONCEPT: The idea is to ensure the complete regeneration of the 81,785 hectare protection forest area of the province and lead in the natural greening of riversides, buffer zones and greenbelts


  1. Coordinate with the Department of Environment and Natural Resources for possible cooperation arrangements in regenerating and protecting the protection forest area
  2. Work with the municipalities in tree plantation activities in riversides, buffer zones and greenbelts
  3. Work with private groups, contactors of government projects among them, to carry out tree plantation projects in their project areas as part of their contribution
  4. Support for sound disposal of wastes in the province


  1. Work on through several means of consultations among stakeholders a draft executive agenda (this agenda) for presentation, agreement and setting of commitment during and assembly of stakeholders to be called for the purpose
  2. Work with the municipalities in implementing programs and projects to realize their respective commitments
  3. Meet periodically to assess gains in the set agenda, the mutual benefits derived from the results and act on possible kinks or imporve on those assessed to be better off done in some other ways
  4. Undertake a Human Resource Development Program fir for the requirements of the development campaign
  5. Create a separate information office under the office of the governor for higherfocus in disseminating information and promoting the development initiatives of the province



A Satisfying Life for Agusan del Norte Residents.


Healthy,educated, disadvantaged sectors living with mainstream society, living with standard and the amenities of modern/digital living, enjoying justivce, human rights and living with less disturbances to peace due to ceiminality armed conflict and environmental menace.

With ample income, with secure quality employment and living amidst many opportunities for enhanced income generation.

Socially involved and politically engaged.



Level up availability, quality, accessibility and affordability of social necessities and amenities for all residents of Agusan del Norte.



Set up and economic dynamics for higher productivity, inclusiveness and better parity in the distribution of wealth generated by the province.



Step up adequacy of appropriate infrasturcture, facilities and utilities for improved social comforts, productivity, environmental resilience and administrative capabilities.



Intensify environmental regeneration, tighten onservance on the balance between protection and production, and heighten climate resilency and disaster risk reduction.



Strengthen unity of vision, complementarity of mission and close coordination in every endeavor among municipalities and other public sector players, business and civil society and the people in a participative and transparent development governance.

Agusan Up, We Go Jingle with lyrics

Wala na ta nahilayo
Sa gipangandoy ta nga kalambuan
Hugot gyud ang pagsalig ko
Naa na kanato ang kadaugan

Sa gihiusang paningkamot
Ang kauswagan 'tong ma kab'ot
Sa gihiusang liderato
ug katawhan ning Agusan

AGUSAN UP, we go
AGUSAN UP, we go
Ngadto sa tunhay'ng paglambo
AGUSAN UP, we go
AGUSAN UP, we go
Sa katumanan sa atong mga damgo

Ikaw'g ako kabahin ta
Sa gipangandoy nga lunhaw'ng Agusan
Dako gyud ang patuo ta
Naa na kanato ang kagawasan

Sa makanunayong pag-amoma
Ang kauswagan maangkon ta
Sa pagproseso ug pag-ugmad
Kaugmaon, Sandigan ta

Agus Agusan Up
Mag uban tang tanan, sa hiniusang lihok
Malamboong Agusan

AGUSAN UP, we go
AGUSAN UP, we go
Ngadto sa tunhay'ng paglambo
AGUSAN UP, we go
AGUSAN UP, we go
Sa katumanan sa atong mga damgo (2x)


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