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The Department of Environmenta and Natural Resources (DENR) through the Environmental Management Bureau (EMB) hereby grants this Programmatic Environmental Compliance Certificate (PECC) to the Tubay Agricultural Processing Center: Special Economic Zone of JC AGRI DEVELOPMENT, INC. (JCADI) located at Brgy. Doña Rosario, Tubay, Agusan del Norte after complying with the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) requirement, as prescribed in the promulgated guidelines implementing Section 3(b) of P.D. 1121 and Section 8, Article 1 of the Rules and Regulations Implementing the Intent and Provisions of P.D. 1586.



1.) A 231.45 hectares integrated agro-industrial processing center located in Brgy. Doña Rosario, Tubay, Agusan del Norte. This covers the following components with it's general land use allocation:

2.) Based on the computations of the carrying capacitiy of the airshed for the first five (5) years. the manimum allowable load in million kg per year are as follows:

3.) Based on the computations of the carrying capacity of Tubay River, and waste load allocation on water discharge for TAPCEN, the total maximum daily load (TMDL) in kg per day.


4.) A Guidebook or set of specifications to guide locators shall be submitted to EMB Central Office for approval prior to establishment of new locators

5.) The proponent shall set up the following:

  • A readily available and replenisheable Environmental Liability and Guarantee Fund (ELGF) to cover expenses for compensation of damages to life and property that may be caused by the project, for rehabilitation and/or restoration of areas affected by the project's consruction, operation and abandonment, for compensation of parties and communities affected by possible negative impacts and as a source of fund for contingency and clean-up activities;
  • A multipartite Monitoring Team (MMT) composed of representatives from TAPCEN, locators, local governments, local communities, EMB Region 13; and municipal/rural health center; and
  • A replenishable Environmental Monitoring Fund (EMF) equivalent to cover all costs attendant to the operation of the MMT such as training, sampling and analysis, hiring of technical experts, meals, accommodations and transportation.

The amount and mechanics for the Environmental Liability and Guarantee Fund (ELGF) and Environmental Monitoring Fund (EMF) and the establishment of MMT shall be determined by the EMB and the proponent in constitution with the EMB Region 13m and Brgy. Doña Rosario. Said mechanics shall be incorporated in the ELGF-EMF-MMT MOA in which the final draft shall be submitted to EMB Central Office within sixty (60) days from the receipt of this ECC;

6.) Transfer of ownership of this project carries the same conditions in the ECC for which written notification shall be made within fifteen (15) days from such transfer.


7.) The proponent shall conduct Social Impact Assessment and Ecoprofiling update if project implementation has not commenced within five years and correspondingly submit a report to EMB Central Office for the re-validation of the carrying capacity analysis and pollution load allocation;

8.) All commitments, mitigatin measures and monitoring requirements, especially those contained in the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS)particularly in the Envioronmental Management and Monitioring Plans, including all it's modifications and additional information as approved by the EMB shall be instituted to minimize any adverse impact of the project to the environment throughout the project implementation including the following:

  • Comply with the standards and requirements under P.D. 984, R.A. 8749, R.A. 6969 and R.A. 9003 and ensure that all the locators will do the same;
  • An efficient traffic management program shall be maintained in coordination with the LGU;
  • A Centralized Wastewater Treatment Plant (WTP) shall be constructed to treat effluents from all locators in the integrated agro-industrial processing center. The proponent shall also ensure that each locator install appropriate water pollution control devices/equipment within their corresponding facilities. Effluents generated by each locator in the estate shall not be directly discharged to any water body. Desogm croteroa fpr tje centralized WTP and individual treatment process shall comply with DENR guidelines and standards;
  • The proponent shall ensure that its contractors and subcontractors properly comply with the relevant conditions of this Certificate;
  • Implementation of a Solid Waste Management Program consistent with the provision of RA 9003 and approved by the National Solid Waste Management Commission. The program shall be formulated in coordination with the Board of the Agusan del Norte Special Economic Zone (ANSEZ) and the national or local government units to be able to get a firm commitment from the local or national government to provide a final disposal site for the said project;
  • Implementation of a continuing Informatiuon, Education and Communication (IEC) Program including communication of environmental risks of project operation 



The Site

Tubay Agri-Processing Center (TAPCEN) is located in Barangay Doña Rosario, Municipality of Tubay, Agusan del Norte. It compromises a total; of 600 hectares. The area is predominantly flat lands previously planted to bananas.


        The site is traversed by the national highway with about 1.5 km. frontage. It is approximately 86 km. from Surigao City; 39 km. from Butuan City; 43 km. from Butuan Airport; 500 meters from Tubay feeder; 63 km. from Nasipit International Portl 10km. from shell Cabadbaran Depot and 7 km, away from the fabulous Tubay beaches and recreational area.

        The area has been classified as agriculture which was previously planted to bananas and now to coconuts. it is envisioned that with the development of Tubay Agri-Processing Center the potential of Tubay and its surrounding environs will be harnessed thereby pushing CARAGA Region in the forefront of Philippines 2000.


The Vision

       The vision is spelled by the following:

  • generate employment opportunities for about 15, 000 to 20, 000 workers;
  • generate substantial export earnings;
  • attract foreign investments;
  • encourage and stimulate local industries;
  • enhance skills and productivity;
  • strengthen social and support linkages;

The Concept

       TAPCEN shall endeavor to build a:

  • managed environment
  • encouraged industries such as:
    • agro-based and light
    • non-polluting manufacturing operations
    • technology based companies
    • allied manufacturing activities
  • complete utilities and telecommunications
  • envioronment friendly
  • high regards to quality of life
  • strong community relations


        TAPCEN was conceived through the efforts of the local government unit of JC-AGRI-Development, Inc. which owns majority of the area. It is intended to augment and complement the Agro-Production covering Lake Mainit area. SInce Tubay, more particularly Doña Rosario, is the gateway to resource-rich areas of Lake Mainit, it is therefore logical to locate processing center right where the source of raw materials are:

        Site Amenities:

  1. Residential Areas
  2. Commercial Spaces
  3. Small-medium manufacturing
  4. Warehouses and Storage Facilities
  5. Open Spaces and Parks
  6. Administration Building
  7. Secuirity Facilities
  8. Communication Network
  9. Power Plant
  10. Waste-water Treatment Facility
  11. Parking Areas
  12. Road Network





Location: Doña Rosario, Tubay, Agusan del norte


Major City:  

Butuan City - 39 km.

Surigao City - 83 km.

Major Town:

Cabadbaran - 6 km.


Butuan Airport - 43 km.


Port of Nasipit

Price Schedule: (Land Only)

Lease Rate: (Pesos/sq.m/mo.)                                                                           = P 10.00

Reservation Fee:                                                                                                 = P 100,000.00

Lease Period: -25 years + 25 years

Selling Rate: (Pesos/sq.m)                                                                                 = P 1,000 to P 2,000

                                                                                                                                 Depending on Location

Reservation Fee:                                                                                                 = P 100,000

Terms: 30% down payment, balance by bank in 5-10 years

Preferred Industries

Food Manufacturing                Aqua-Based factories

Agri-Based Factories              Light Industries



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