Province of Agusan del Norte

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A tropical haven of natural beauty, scenic Agusan del Norte cast an enigmatic charm drawn from the many archaic mementos spread throughout the province. Yes, the place is rich in history and culture, but nature’s drama prevails most completely over the imagination.

Agusan del Norte is a third class province and the second smallest in the Caraga Region. It is mountainous along its northeastern and western parts. In between are flat, rolling lands particularly where the Agusan River cuts through as it empties into Butuan Bay. Its crystal –clear waters that sparkle with the bright reflection of the sun and verdant landscapes, enchanting caves, pear-shaped lake, multi-tiered waterfalls are great gateaways that await you.

Visualized yourself encircled by the gentle burst of falling water amid the tranquility of  lush vegetation and discover a world of earth and sea so elemental it fills you with a deep sense of belonging to the infinite.

Come and let’s all together have a sneak peak into the wonders of amazing AGUSAN DEL NORTE- A HAVEN OF ANTIQUATED FINDS.

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